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. this is 9news now. the house of representatives and the u.s. senate on two very different paths tonight regarding the federal budget crisis. >> on the house side, republicans just this evening passed a bill to cut federal spending by $6 trillion and
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require a balanced budget amendment. the president promised to veto, and that does not sit well with some of the republicans. >> passed. >> cut. >> save this country. grow the economy. and save the nation for our children and our grandchildren. >> it ends medicare making seniors pay more while giving tax breaks to big oil and corporations sending jobs overseas. >> all eyes now on a compromise measure created by the bipartisan gang of six that concludes a trillion bucks in higher taxes and 4 trillion in spending bucks. the president endorsed the senate plan today as did a surprising number of gop senators. the president says he's hoping congressional leaders will use this compromise plan as the basis for a final deal and start working on that one tomorrow. remember, the final deadline for that debt ceiling increase august the second. right now police are on the scene of a deadly shooting in fairfax county. they found the victim shot to
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death inside his springfield home. matt jablow joins us live with the latest there from the crime scene. >> reporter: anita, it's one of those neighborhoods that are so quiet you can clearly heard the birds chirping so you can only imagine how surprised neighbors were when they heard a gunshot early this evening. >> it's a tragedy. >> reporter: it was right around 6:00 tonight when word of a shooting began spreading through this well kept close knit springfield neighborhood where heavily armed police officers could be seen on the street. >> there was a policeman walking down the street with a gun this long. >> reporter: according to the police, the shooting happened inside a two story house in the 7600-block of chancellor way where an older couple lives with their two grown sons. >> they're nice folks. >> reporter: they identified the victim as 75-year-old gary hanson but they're still not able to say whether his death was a homicide. obviously a lot of questions tonight here in springfield and just as soon as we have any answers to those questions, we'll be sure to pass them
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along. anita and derek. >> mat, thank you for that. right now it is warm and muggy, and, folks, it is just getting started. anny hong is here with more on a heat alert that is going to get worse. >> get ready for some dangerous heat to head this way, even outside. it is still toasty out there. here a look at the current conditions where temperatures are still in the 80s. and it even feels like it's in the 90s in some locations. right now around downtown, it is in the lower 80s and 86 degrees in manassas. 81 in leesburg. and 86 in hagerstown where storms have gone through. look at manassas. it fields like 95 degrees -- feels like 95 degrees at this hour and you factor in the humidity 92 in fredericksburg. andrews air force base 77 and in downtown it fields like we're in the upper 80s. here is a look at live doppler 9000. you see we have storms still well to the south of us. we see some severe thunderstorms
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go through impacting loudoun, frederick and st. mary's county where, in fact, that county has reports of several downed trees in one location. 20-30 downed trees with damaging winds. so overnight expecting mostly cloudy and muggy conditions. lows will be in the 70s. we'll talk more about the heat wave and the hottest day in that seven-day forecast coming up a little later. back to you. >> thanks, annie. a man who earned his wisdom the hardware once explained that a boat is the hole in the water you throw your money into. >> yes. but how about two boats? two navy ships built for more than 3 hundred million taxpayer dollars. two ships that ate all of the money have never been used and are now being scrapped. grab your wallets while gary nurenberg explains. >> reporter: you bought them, captain taxpayr . the so-called ghost fleet rot ing rotting antequated ships.
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>> once we see the price tag, we all want to drop dead. >> reporter: this month they're being destroyed. they were never finished, have never been used, government cost more than $300 million. >> that could buy a lot of body armor. a lot of baby formula. it could even pay down some of the borrowing we've been engaging in. >> reporter: remember the exxon valdez oil spill? after that fiasco, they said they would have double hulls. although it is more than 3 hundred million taxpayer dollars down the drain, they could serve as lessons that will prevent this kind of waste from happening again. >> there are a lot of clues about managing the assets we have way better and spending a lot less money on them and most importantly not spending the money in the first place where it isn't warranted. >> reporter: $300 million here, 3 hundred million there. pretty soon you're on your way to making a baby debt in a
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$14 trillion deficit. anita. >> absolutely. new at 11:00, according to the washington post, the metropolitan washington air force authority has plans to spend more than $7 million on itself. 7 million to expand its headquarters and double the size of its board room. new executive offices, a multimedia system and more. some current and former board members are urging the authority to shelf the project. they say it would look pretty bad continuing all of the debate over rising cost estimates for extending rail to dulles airport. fairfax county police are looking for a man that broke into a home, sexually assaulted a woman and threatened to kill her children. we spoke to the woman's husband who was not home at the time of the attack and he does not want his face shown on camera. >> he threatened my kids. otherwise he will kill them. >> yes. >> the attack happened early saturday at a home along lewis
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chapel circle. police would not explain why they waited until today to go public with the crime. they do say they have stepped up patrols in the area. the family plans to move back to their native afghanistan. the dad says they may be safer there. >> tonight five people, including three kids, are recovering after a freak accident in southeast. >> the tree fell and limb, you know. >> a huge tree branch fell on the victims while they were in garfield park this afternoon. they were there for a vacation bible camp when the branch just came crashing down. emergency crews took three kids and two adults to the hospital for treatment. >> they were playing under the tree. just playing. the tree just cracked. a big crack. and the whole branch just came down. there was about ten of them under there. >> that is a big branch. well, that group was from the people's church of 8th street and southeast. people that inspected the tree said there were no obvious signs the tree was going to fail.
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no weather factor. park trees are regularly pruned. it is estimated to be at least 100 years old. an update now on the accused drunken driver caught on camera by a 9news now photographer. our own kurt brooks was out headed home late from work where he spotted what appeared to be a drunk driver out on i95. not only did he videotape the erratic behavior, kurt followed him for 25 miles until the cops could make an arrest. well, today he pled guilty to dwi and kurt's video was shown in court. >> and it was very compelling. it was clear that this was not just somebody weaving down the road. he almost killed somebody. >> lee registered a blood alcohol content of .14. that is nearly twice the legal limit. the judge sentenced lee to 60 days in jail but suspended all by five days of that.
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he was also fined 300 bucks and he'll have his license suspended for one year with the exception for driving to work. dc's office of campaign finances investigating contributions spent to the campaign of mayor vincent gray. the washington post said he collected cash con tri buings that went -- contributions that went over the $25 legal limit and then hid the activity. here is mayor gray on that. >> well, first of all, we never authorized any of that. the people engaged in wrongdoing need to be held accountable. >> they continue to investigate allegations that they made inappropriate -- in return for him verbally attacking fellow candidate and former mayor adrian fenty. gray denies any wrongdoing in that case. still ahead tonight, 9news now wants to know who would you like to hit in the face with a
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pie. also, tasteless, hilarious or offensive. 9news now facebook page lights up over a feminine hygiene commercial. that is coming up.
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hail to the v. that's the new advertising
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slogan for summer's eve. but it seems their new commercial is stirring up some controversy. take a look. >> it's the cradle of life. it's the senses of realization. men have fought for it. the battle. one might say it's the most powerful force on earth. >> hum. so come on, ladies, show it a little love. >> well, we got dozens of comments about this on our wusa nine facebook page. some of you thought it was hilarious. some a bit tasteless and some were offended. now, there is a health message all women out there should know.
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douching and using feminine products is not a good idea. in fact, it can lead to more infections by upsetting the ph balance. doctors say it's best to cleanse yourself and if you have concerns take it to the gynecologist. >> are there some stories i'm glad my partner reads. yes, there are. all right. british lawmakers were told they're ashamed but not to blame for the british scandal. they shut down the paper even though it was very successful and the comments today came during testimony before members of the british parliament. at one point a man lunged from the crowd at murdoch armed with a plate of foam. >> oh. >> luckily no one was hurt. police took the protestor away. well, as juvenile as it may sound, a pie to the face does send a message to anybody who has been disgraced by that
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prank. our own ken molestina hit dc streets and found out there are plenty of folks who would love to pie someone else. >> reporter: it's the prank that has people across the globe talking. murdoch took a pie to the face while testifying to parliament on tuesday. his wife was quick to react and smack the protestor but washingtonians want to do the creaming. >> boehner, why not. >> all you politicians, pie to the the face. >> the mayor, vincent gray. >> reporter: why. >>. >> because he's a handsome man. whipped cream would be good for his skin. >> eric canter would be good for a pie in the face. >> reporter: as many would imagine, politicians became the clear target but celebrities were next on the list.
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>> john mayer. >> arnold schwarzenegger for his -- the last couple of months what he's done. >> buck walter the manager for the orioles. he's been mouthing off lately and i think anybody that mouths off that much deserves a pie to the face. >> reporter: other have personal gripes they believe can be settled with a pie to the face. >> i'm the maid of honor and she just surprised me and she should stay in her place. >> reporter: that deserves a pie in the face? >> yes. >> reporter: who would you like to pie. you'll be surprised to see some of the reaction we've already been getting. >> that bridesmaid thing already has shocked me. and speaking of which, a person's wedding day is special and to be remembered forever, but one michigan woman will remember her wedding day for something different. she was arrested. she was taken into custody on a felony warrant for identity theft. police in jackson, michigan, gave her a chance to change out
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of her wedding dress before she was booked. she for some reason declined. >> okay. for the second year in a row, a bethesda company set up booths across the nation to see what people would pay for their tea and who would walk away. surveillance cameras caught up. some people paid up, some did not. >> i don't feel right not paying the money. it eats at you after awhile. >> it depends on who is watching usually. if people have money, they'll probably leave a dollar. if they're broke, they'll probably take one and not care. >> honest tea says for the second year in a row, the people of boston were top. dc came in in second place and the worst when it comes to pilfering the tea los angeles. >> wow. i have to wonder how they control for neighborhoods. because if we're honest about it, certain neighborhoods are probably more likely to be better than others. >> good point. >> if you put it in the wrong point of town, your town can get a bad mark. i wonder how they control for
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that. >> yes. only a dollar they were saying. that's a good deal for nice tea. >> absolutely. >> they have no one there to take the dollar. >> it's a good deal. if you have a dollar. [ laughing ] >> yes. all right. heat that is extreme and dangerous headed our way. no joking around. >> yes. today's high was 97 here in downtown. and, boy, it's humid out there. it's just toasty. it's cooking. these temperatures are sticking around. they're going to be really on the rise starting especially on thursday, friday and into your weekend. so we've been warning you about this dangerous heat. it's on its way. here is a look at our current conditions right now where temperatures around downtown a lower 80s. if you go farther up north in hagerstown, 76 degrees. it's cooling out there faster because the storms go through the cloud cover and help cool things down. fredericksburg 80. we saw earlier manassas it feels like mid 90s with the dew points. check out the dew points, mid 70s around downtown. 75 for manassas.
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75 also for orange. 72 in winchester. so a little dew point comparison to provide some perspective on our dew point. when you see dew points in the 70s, that is the tropical rain. so we're getting into tropical humidity. the amazon jungle in the 80s right now. bangkok and thailand are in the 70s. and the highest dew points in the u.s. are in the gulf of mexico of valley. it's fairly quiet around the beltway but to the south of us, we've got some storms popping up. they're not severe, though. that's the good news. in fact, the threat for severe weather is really very, very minimal. so for the rest of the night, it's supposed to be a quiet night but a dry morning commute for most people. hot and muggy. very similar to today. isolated thunderstorms are possible. not too concerned about them being big or severe and then get ready for some crazy heat. we're talking thursday, friday and into your weekend. so we've already had an
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excessive heat watch in effect for thursday. this is because of the heat index valleys of 105-110. usually includes most of the dc area. by friday, we may even see heat index valleys 115. so we're talking about some really, really oppressive heat. here is a look at the future cast. you can see maybe some popup storms for wednesday afternoon, once again, but they should not be as severe compared to the storms we saw earlier tonight. we've got some big risk of high pressure, this bermuda high taking control by thursday and friday which is why we're going to see some really dangerous heat coming this way. so overnight as you're sleeping, mostly cloudy and muggy. a few isolated storms. lows will be in the 70s. now, tomorrow morning partly cloudy and muggy. air quality forecast is orange which is unhealthy for our sensitive group. temperatures starting in the 70s and 80s. so i think it's even a warm start depending on what time you're heading out the door tomorrow. so in the afternoon, partly to mostly sunny. hot and muggy. isolated thunderstorms are
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possible. highs generally around 90-95 degrees. 95 for culpeper. 93 in downtown. annapolis will also be in the low 90s. here is how your dare planner breaks down. mid 80s to low 90s by noon for lunch and a chance for isolated storms. by 5:00, 90-95 degrees. thursday, friday, and saturday that is no joke. 100 for thursday. 103 for friday. saturday 102. and sunday close to 100 degrees. a little record checking and the last time -- the longest string of days we've had of 100-degree temperatures or higher is four days or say row in washington set in 1930 just around this time. so we can be close to having similar conditions. >> wow. >> this is really long. >> you remember that, don't you? >> yes. [ laughing ] >> very funny. >> yes. so this is the question as we skip over that last comment.
11:21 pm
[ laughing ]. >> because more and more important as the summer goes along, and that is do we have professional football? >> not yet. we're getting closer. we actually thought we would have a document for the players to vote on tonight. and it turns out we don't have it yet. so we're getting closer, but we're not there. i hope the players have enjoyed their vacation because we think it's about to end. teams ready to make up for lost time when it does. plus serena and the castles trying to stay perfect in albany tonight. and why athletes need sleep but not during the game. 9 sports next. waky waky. >> it happens.
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> watch jordan zimmerman pitch for a while and you'll want tommy john surgery even if you don't need it. he's now two years removed from his and he has made 12 quality starts in his last 13 appearances. that's really good for a pitcher. of course tonight they got him in the leg. zimmerman pitching in the first and watch sanchez here send one right back to the box and nail zimmerman right in the twig. they did get the out as the ball
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ricocheted to first base. fourth inning they touched him up. then michael boern down the line two more. four runs in the fourth. they led it 7-6 in the 9th. look how close zimmerman comes from tieing the game. about six inches on the wrong side of the yellow pole. at camden yards tonight, all sorts of boston fans watching the sox face the o's. bottom 8th lee two-thirds out into right center. they win the game 6-2. so if everything goes according to plan, the nfl lockout will end when the owners ratify the new cba on thursday. players can then report to work on friday. a full six days before training camps are set to open so everything should be right on schedule, right? not necessarily. even though it remains on track, teams will need a few days to study the rules and then several more days to sign undrafted
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rookies and keep their own free agents before starting general free agency and opening training camps. espn estimates tonight that would be on or around august 1st which would be opening camp four or five days late. these photos look the trucks are unloading. the tents are going up. that means training camp can't be far behind. redskins and other teams are planning a mini camp for this weekend if the lock out ends on thursday. that's a big if. the mystics may be just 3-10, but crystal langhorn is too good to stay out of the wnba game. the former terp leads the team this year. the game is saturday in san antonio. the 1994 newport beach dukes, i know, you still got their poster on the wall in your den, and why wouldn't you? [ laughing ] >> they're the only team in the 35 history of tennis to have an undefeated season.
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but the washington castles are lurking. 11-0 with three matches to go. serena back with the team. serena winning her single set tonight 5-3. she also won women's doubles with renee stubs and the castles in a super breaker on match point for both teams. win again. they're 12-0. finale thursday. playoffs start on friday. as for the wizards, they released their schedule today which was fairly optimistic considering how long their lockout is probably going to last. but for all of you positives out there, the season opens november 2nd at home. finally tonight, some people complain that baseball games can dragon and get boring. we would never assume the feeling would be shared by the players in the game. that is marlin's reliever napping in the bullpen. look at the guy next to him. finally edward wakes up. i'm busted, you cameraman. you caught me.
11:28 pm
listen, if it's 162 games a long time and sometimes you need to catch some zs. >> i think he was saying he was faking. >> he was not faking. >> no. >> they had the camera on him for like ten minutes. as they say in canada, he was t. >> we'll be right back. >> all kinds of that. >> no kidding. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
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stay cool, folks. we'll see you tomorrow.
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